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SSL, Maxar to Decide Small Satellite Needs of Environmental Defense Fund

SSL has declared to empower the combined capabilities of Maxar in a contract that will showcase the requirements of the satellite meant for the monitoring and measurement of methane emissions from the gas and oil facilities across the world. SSL has also decided to work in conjugation with DigitalGlobe from Maxar, the high-resolution satellite imagery giant in the commercial sector. The company will help the payload design of the satellite with its technical input, apart from guiding the entire mission plan.

SSL is a Maxar Technologies company and the pioneer in providing innovative spacecraft systems and satellites.

In fact, the comprehensive concept of detection of methane is about to change with the latest step. MethaneSAT, the latest satellite, will allow the EDF or Environmental Defense Fund to revamp the existing procedure to analyze and detect the emissions of methane. This step has the potential to combat the negative effects of the compound on the environment. It is expected that EDF may ask for the final design of the satellite by the end of 2019 along with the manufacturing of the same.

The primary objective of the mission is to make the environment free of the pollutants to safeguard the future. MethaneSAT will make the detection of methane emissions easier, especially in the regions that have more than 80% of the global production of gas and oil, weekly. The satellite is highly precise and can detect even the slightest trace of methane. This attribute of the satellite will enable it to detect the emissions from the low as well as high-emission sources.

According to the SSL Government Systems’ President, Richard White, SSL has years of experience in developing spacecraft systems that have depicted it excellence in the industry. Therefore, the clubbing with the Maxar Technology’s space capabilities will ensure a unique solution in the path of the advanced missions like MethaneSAT.

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