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Satellogic to Launch Its Spacecraft on Chinese Rockets

Satellogic has announced to launch a group of spacecraft on Chinese rockets. Satellogic is a Buenos Aires-based company dealing with the development of a fleet of satellites meant for Earth imaging powered by hyperspectral capabilities. It further mentioned launching 90 smallsats with remote sensing on none less than six Long March 6 rockets under the supervision of CGWIC or China Great Wall Industry Corporation. However, the list of terms and conditions is yet to be released.

The Long March 6 launch vehicle is a small liquid-fuel item designed and produced by the Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology and Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation of China. This small launch vehicle has the potential to place over 1,000 kg into the orbit in synchronization with the Sun. However, it had flown only twice, and the previous flight was on November 2017.

The Chief Executive and Founder of the company, Emiliano Kargieman, mentioned that the initial launches will be carrying around 13 satellites around September or October 2019. The additional launches will be topped up every quarter. However, the frequency, numbers of satellites, and the type of satellite to be launched will be decided upon the factor of how promptly Satellogic can release the satellites. Meanwhile, he also stated that there are chances that the Long March 2D vehicles may take the position of the Long March 6 launches.

Emiliano Kargieman believes this step as a turning point of the company once the entire procedure is set in the rollout mode. In fact, he designated this as the milestone step for the company. He cleared that the decision to choose CGWIC with Satellogic was finalized after taking the previous relationship patterns into consideration. He believes both the parties have a cordial and fruitful relationship that will confirm the success of the upcoming venture.

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