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NSC Confirms Probability of Opioid Overdose Death Higher Than Accidental Death

The National Safety Council, which analyzed statistics of 2017 related to preventable injury and fatality, stated that this is the first time that odds of death from opioid overdose was higher than death from automobile accidents. The NSC has also stated that the odds of death from drug overdose are greater than death from generic causes like drowning, fire, accidents and falls. The researchers examined large database from both federal and state bodies that helped the come to the conclusion that lifetime odds of a person dying from accidental overdose of opioids was 1 in 98 while odds of vehicle accidents was 1 in 103 while odds of suicide were greater at 1 in 88.

The report said that though people still believe that the opioid crisis is just an abstract and is not likely to impact them are unable to comprehend the gravity of the situation. NSC spokesperson Maureen Vogel stated that these data figures show that opioid overdose is a real threat and not a chance eventuality. The data revealed that during 2017 while there were 169,936 preventable injury deaths when compared to data from 2016, it represented increase of 5 percent and increase of 95 percent when compared to 1992 data.

The NSC revealed this data to bring the gravity of this problem in the public eye and prevent future deaths from preventable causes. While comparing figures of 2017 and 2016, the report wrote that preventable injury deaths in US are now at an all-time high as there has been increase of 11 percent in deaths from poisonous substances of which a majority are due to overdose of opioid products. The problem is not limited to youngsters as according to CDC figures, the life expectancy of Americans has declined in the last couple of years due to increase in suicide cases and drug overdoses.

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